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Who Is Mr. Gulle?

Mr. Gulle is currently in his 21st year as a social studies-history teacher.  A native of Long Island, New York, Mr. Gulle came to Kentucky in 2000.  Prior to that he had taught in Florida (all New Yorkers must live in Florida for at least part of their lives!), as well as upstate New York.   He holds a B.A. in Social Science-History (1996), an M.A.Ed. in Social Studies-History (2004), and is a National Board Certified Teacher (2006, renewed 2015).

Mr. Gulle believes that learning, especially social studies-history, is best accomplished when content and skills are delivered in ways that are engaging but demanding.  He strives every day to ensure that students learn the content and skills for the day;  but more importantly they develop their own interest, which motivates them to continue learning on their own.

Mr. Gulle enjoys travel, reading, and writing. His work has been published in the Fourth Edition of Dr. Harry K. Wong's The First Days of School and he is credited as a contributing author to ​THE Classroom Management Book. He travels throughout the state delivering professional development sessions to teachers, specializing in teaching teachers how to run an effective classroom and provide engaging instruction.


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PERIOD 1:    3,820,448 points

PERIOD 3:    2,326,455 points
PERIOD 4:    3,763,868 points
PERIOD 5:    3,434,186 points
PERIOD 7:    2,171,157 points​



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