A native of Long Island, New York, Mr. Gulle came to Kentucky in 2000.  Prior to that he had taught in Florida (all New Yorkers must live in Florida for at least part of their lives!), as well as upstate New York.   He holds a B.A. in Social Science-History (1996), an M.A.Ed. in Social Studies-History (2004), and is a National Board Certified Teacher (2006, renewed 2015).

Mr. Gulle believes that learning, especially social studies-history, is best accomplished when content and skills are delivered in ways that are demanding but engaging.  He strives every day to ensure that students learn the content and skills for the day;  but more importantly they develop their own interest, which motivates them to continue learning on their own.

Mr. Gulle enjoys travel, reading, and writing.  His work has been published in the Fourth Edition of Dr. Harry K. Wong's The First Days of School and he is credited as a contributing author to ​THE Classroom Management Book.  He continues to embrace his own love of learning whenever and however he can.  He and his wife have two cats:  Ptolemy and Princess Charlotte.

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Mr. Gulle's

Hall of Fame

At the end of each school year Mr. Gulle inducts students into his Hall of Fame.  Any student who earns 100% on the final exam is granted membership and has his/her name permanently displayed in Mr. Gulle's classroom, as well as on this website.

In addition, each student whom Mr. Gulle selects as the recipient(s) of his end-of-the-year award will also be inducted into the Hall.  These awards are given to student(s) who throughout the school year consistently demonstrate an outstanding quality of work and a great enthusiasm and zeal for history.

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Mr. Gulle?

Mr. Gulle's social studies class is essentially a world history class in which students examine various cultures from the dawn of civilization through the year 1500 C.E.  Each of the major content clusters of social studies - Government & Civics, Cultures & Societies, Economics, Geography, and History - are incorporated into our examination of historical civilizations, time periods, and concepts.

The course is broadly divided into four units.Throughout the schoolyear, each of the following historical civilizations serves as the prism through which we examine concepts and develop skills::


     Ancient  India

     Ancient China

     Ancient Egypt

     Ancient Greece

     Ancient Rome

     The Middle Ages

     The Renaissance