Spring Project: Historical Biographies

Scoring Guide


King of the Visigoths who sacked Rome.

Alexander the Great

Macedonian king who conquered and Hellenized the entire known world.

Alfred the Great

Anglo-Saxon king of England who fought the Vikings.

Augustus Caesar

Julius Caesar's grandnephew, whom he adopted as a son.  He is considered to be the first emperor of Rome, as he brought the Republic to a close and began the Empire.  

Julius Caesar

Roman general who became dictator-for-life.  He dreamed of creating an Egyptian-Roman empire ruled by himself and Cleopatra VII.


King of the Franks who became the first Holy Roman Emperor.

Cleopatra VII

Egypt's last pharaoh.   It was her actions that ended thousands of years Egyptian independence.  She dreamed of creating an Egyptian-Roman empire, but ultimately failed. 


China's most well-known and respected philosopher.  His thoughts have impacted Chinese thinking for centuries.

Constantine the Great

Roman emperor who adopted Christianity and made it the official religion of the Empire.  Why did he do it?

Cyrus the Great

Persian ruler who conquered the seemingly-unconquerable city of Babylon.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Queen of both France and England at different times.

St. Francis of Assisi

Catholic saint remembered for both his generosity to the poor as well as his love and kindness to animals.


Carthaginian general who fought Rome during the Second Punic War.

Ivan the Terrible

The first Tsar (emperor) or Russia.  What was so terrible about him?

Joan of Arc

Teenage girl who led the French army in battle against the English, who were occupying France.  She won several victories - before she was even 19 years of age!

Justinian and Theodora

Byzantine emperor and empress.  He was born to rule; she was not.  Yet she became his closest adviser and a formidable ruler at a time and in a place in which women had little power.

Leonardo da Vinci

A brilliant artist, scientist, and inventor.  Leonardo created some of the most famous artwork ever - including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.  A true "Renaissance man."

Mansa Musa

Great African ruler who is said to have been the richest person who ever lived - ever.  He is remembered today for his hajj, which (with a few exceptions), all members of the Islamic faith are required to undertake.

Mary I

​Queen of England who was known as "Bloody Mary."  

Medici Family

An incredibly wealthy and politically powerful family in Florence during the Renaissance.  You will research some of the most prominent members of this most prominent family.


Queen of Egypt who is remembered for her great beauty - and for her part in completely changing Egyptian society.

St. Nicholas

Turkish clergyman who has inspired a legend and become famous around the world.

St. Patrick

Said to have introduced Catholicism to Ireland - and to have driven all of the snakes from that island, too.  

Ramses II

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh remembered for conquering much land, fathering many children, and living an extremely long life.

Richard the Lionheart

King of England who is remembered as a brave warrior and for fighting in the Third Crusade.

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

Three generations of Ancient Athenian philosophers.